Who is Albert Ezerzer Suits? Everything To Know

Albert Ezerzer Suits

Albert Ezerzer Suits

Do you know anything about Albert Ezerzer Suits? Yeah! Many people are looking for him online to read over his personality, net worth, age, and almost whole biography. Who is Albert Ezerzer? Still waiting to get more information about him. Read the blog to check on every detail descriptively.

Who Is Albert Ezerzer Suits?

On 1959, January 31st Albert Ezerzer was born. He died on 2014 May 9th due to cardiac arrest (aortic aneurysm). He was a 55-year-old adult when he died. Albert was a transportation management facility driver close to his SUITS family members. 

He was the cast of The SUITS and was in charge of bringing film production equipment. He worked in Transport Department, which is based on Aaron Korsh. He went undiagnosed during his death; he went undiagnosed, as was regularly working with the crew. 

If we talk about his family history and his parents’ or siblings’ identities, Albert Ezerzer has yet to reveal anything publicly. After his death, there is no record of his net worth. A significant confusion fired the internet when his original picture was replaced by D.B. Woodside’s picture on many websites, although they both are different.

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What Is The Albert Ezerzer Death Reason?

Albert Ezerzer died on May 9th, 2014. He was 55 years old and had a chronic cardiac arrest, majorly specified as an aortic rupture aneurysm. His condition was undiagnosed when he got trapped with a severe heart attack and was working with his crew. Ezerzer worked as a driver on movie sets within the transportation management department. His service was to transport movies or shoot equipment. He even worked as a car driver on many film shoots.

How Much Net Worth Albert Ezerzer?

While conducting a lot of facts, there still needs to be a source available on Albert Ezerzer’s exact net worth and salary. However, articles reported that his net worth was around $500,000. This amount is figured over assumptions on his profession as a transportation agency worker, with a standard salary paid to drivers. The average salary or fees paid to drivers who worked on the movie set for transportation of production equipment gets between $10,000 to $20,000.

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Albert Ezerzer Mini Bio To Read:

Albert Ezerzer was a lovely human and beloved crew member of a popular TV show, SUITS. His sudden demise utters a lot of affection and cares toward him. Aaron Korsh, an American television and film producer and writer, tweeted the first official announcement of his death. His fondness for Albert made me name SUITS one of the episodes after his death, “In Memory of Albert Ezerzer.”

Some Quick Facts About Albert Ezerzer To Know:

NameAlbert Ezerzer
ProfessionWorks As Crew Member In Transport Department (Facility Driver).
Birth DateJanuary 31st 1959
Death DateMay 9th 2014
Cause of DeathCardiac Arrest; Rupture Aortic Aneurysm
SUITS Episode NameIn the Memory of Albert Ezerzer
AgeHe was 55 Years Old when died.
Net Worth Between $10,000 to $500,000 (Still assumed but unknown)
Status of Death Revealed Publically ByAaron Korsh; popular TV and film producer & writer.
Family, Parents, SiblingsStill Unknown

Is DB Woodside Related To Albert Ezerzer?

No, both are different people, but many websites have used his image as he played the role of Albert Ezerzer during Suits season. Albert was not an actor but played a role in producing many successful films and TV series.

He was just a facility driver working as a crew member transporting film production equipment. In fact, Albert Ezerzer and David Bryan Woodside don’t share any blood relation. They are paired with look-alike features and personalities.

So there is no concern about living or dead with DB Woodside. However, his facility driver job was done under many classic TV series, and film production sets, including Interstate 60 and No One Could Protect Her.

Next, when talking about David Bryan Woodside, an American actor born on July 25th, 1969. He was born in New York City, United States of America. The actor is popularly known for his decent acting and roles as bass singer in Melvin Franklin in The Temptations, Robin Wood in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Malcom Franks in Single Ladies, and more movies and thriller-action genre series.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who Is Albert Ezerzer?

Albert Ezerzer was a transport facility driver transporting film production equipment and sets. He was born on 31st January 1959.

How Albert Ezerzer Died, and On Which Date?

Albert Ezerzer died on 9th May 2014 due to chronic cardiac arrest. He was left undiagnosed when he got attacked with Rupture Aortic Aneurysm while working on one of the sets.

What Was The Age Of Albert Ezerzer When He Died?

When Albert died from heart arrest, he was 55.

Are his city of birth, country of origin, and family details still unknown?

Yeah! Personal information, including spouse/wife name, parents’ details, siblings, and country of birth or origin, must be included. These things till take are unknown or may be unrevealed.

Is the Net Worth Of Albert Azerzer Revealed?

No, Albert Ezerzer’s facts on his net worth still need to be finally revealed but assumed more. His net income or salary was just a saying between dollar 10,000 to dollar 500,000. The base net worth is counted based on his profession or work as a transport facility driver with crew members in film production houses.

The Wrap-Up:

While conducting many sources, you may need clarification about Albert Ezerzer Suits. Some websites don’t have real-time details on his biography, net worth, and picture of actor DB Woodside. Here with us, you get more precise information about him. 

Albert Ezerzer was not an actor but a dedicated transport facility driver working with the film production crew to transport equipment. His dedication and affection for others made him popular, and even Aaron Korsh tweeted about his unfortunate demise on his death.

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