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Those who want to renew their business in Oregon, USA can do it easily by visiting the authorized portal Business owners need to choose the name and structure of their enterprise.

Business Structure & Registration Requirements

There are various ways to structure a business. The registration requirements for every business differ. In case you want to register your business in Oregon, you can visit the official site where online forms are available. These forms are presented in the Business Registration Forms page.

Thus, the business owners have to submit the registration form filled with all necessary information along with a non-refundable processing fee to Oregon Secretary of State’s address or fax number.

You need to understand that the structure of each enterprise has its advantages and disadvantages. You can be the owner of a business like:

Sole proprietorship business is the business that you run by yourself.

A general partnership business is one that you run with another person in the partnership.

You can also operate a distinct official entity business, limited liability firm, limited liability partnership or limited partnership firm.

For your specific business, you can avail of the services of qualified tax consultants and attorneys who will assist you to recognize the optimal business structure. You can even take the assistance of your local Small Business Development Center or library to compare different kinds of businesses.

Quick Guidelines

All the construction and landscape contractors, you can avail of the assistance of the Construction Contractors Board and Landscape Contractors Board. It will offer you the benefits and demerits of distinct business structures. What business structure you may select is influenced by the licensing requirements.

Do Detailed Research

Anyone who desires to start a successful business must do all the essential planning. The authorized portal of Oregon Secretary of State offers you the basic details regarding setting up a business in Oregon. Simply, go through the website to obtain a list of recommendations to start your firm confidently.

Search for a Business Name Online

Before submitting your application to the Oregon Secretary of State for business renewal, you may check the business name availability by searching the name online. If you get an available business name, it does not guarantee that the name will still be accessible when your application is received by the Business Registry.

How to Access Business Renewal Form?

Visit the Oregon Secretary of State Website.

Next, go to the ‘Business Registration Forms’ section.

Click on the form that you require for downloading.

Then, right-click on the form link and choose ‘Save As’ option.

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