Covid Translate to Hebrew Meaning: Is Covid=Kobe?

Is there a connection between Kobe Bryant and Covid-19 also known as Coronavirus? There has been huge confusion and panic amid the prevalent Covid-19 coronavirus affecting several countries all over the world.

In the same year, Los Angeles Lakers star, Kobe Bryant and her daughter died. Kobe Bryant was a Basketball legend. He, unfortunately, he died on January 26. Along with him, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and seven others got killed in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California.

Soon after Kobe’s death, this Covid-19 turned from epidemic to pandemic status affections a great number of people globally. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson contracted the coronavirus.

Recently, a tweet posted on 12 March 2020 went viral mourning the death of Kobe Bryant and his name carrying a significant link to this pandemic ailment. The tweet got 424,000 likes and above 88,000 retweets.

Some did not sense anything related to Kobe and this Covid-19 while others believed there was some connection of Kobe’s death and this pandemic coronavirus.

People are mourning the loss of NBA star Bryant’s death. According to a recent tweet, a user stated that the death of Kobe predicted that this Covid-19 was coming up and there’s a connection between the two.

The user exposed that if anyone goes on Google and translates the word ‘Covid’ from English to Hebrew, then the word turns out as ‘Kobe’.

It is a weird coincidence when the word Covid is translated in Hebrew, it changes into Kobe. The fans are getting freaked out due to this shocking connection. It is also mentioned by someone that Kobe Bryant was buried at a cemetery named Corona del Mar in Los Angeles.

Over 7000 people have died worldwide because of the coronavirus. Owing to this pandemic, various sports events, festivals, concerts, and other events have been postponed until further notice. Various production sets like Riverdale have been closed down.

The coronavirus ‘Covid’ name is deciphered as Kobe in the Hebrew language. You need to follow these special steps to interpret the word ‘Covid’ in Hebrew. This shows some sort of connection between Kobe and Covid. The initial step is to enter ‘Covid’ word in Google translate and choose the language ‘Hebrew’.

When you select the Hebrew language, the word Covid changes into ‘Kobe’. This happened soon after the death of this celebrated NBA star. People are still trying to figure out the connection between Covid and Kobe.

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