Bright Future For Desmond Uyiosa Abifade – Onwards And Upwards

Desmond Uyiosa Abifade

Desmond Uyiosa Abifade is one person that has come a long way- Growing up in London.

London is often characterized as a Labor city; and in recent years, whilst party ‘moderates’ fret about — and much of the media quite deliberately exaggerates — a dampening of support for urban, working-class individuals the capital has indeed remained something of a red fortress.

Growing up Black in a middle class urban society, odds are almost certainly against you. Desmond Abifade was a product of the odds against him.

Early in his life he became a product of his environment and slightly swayed in the wrong direction. However Desmond was determined to not let his past and environment pave his future.

Desmond Abifade graduated from Coventry University and has broken all boundaries and hindrances. It takes a strong individual to detach from foreceful holdings when your environment holds you back.

Fast forward – due to his success and achievements he visited his Catholic school sharing his life experiences and how important it is to stay on track with life and the importance of education.

When Desmond Uyiosa Abifade was asked what this opportunity means to him he stated – “Me speaking to my old catholic school means so much to me.

I don’t have a perfect past, my past is behind me for a reason, I am not going backwards I am going forwards. Whether you take one time a week or one day a year to give back I find that that fulfilling.

Desmond Uyiosa Abifade has the courage to live truthfully – He made the choice to make a difference to his life and he is doing an amazing job.


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