Does Joe Biden Want to Be Doing This?

Joe Biden

“How badly do you want to be president?” Joseph R. Biden Jr. was asked after a recent speech in Prole, Iowa. The answer to such an inquiry would appear offensive in the case of Mr. Biden, who began his running-for-president routine more than three decades ago; in other words, very badly, one would assume.

Former Vice President Joe Biden continues to lead, as questions linger about his candidacy.

The former vice president continues to lead in national and state polls, but Biden’s wrong steps and lack of accuracy leaves questions about the long-term strength of his candidacy. But will his voters care? So far, Biden has maintained a lead by retaining support with older black voters, older voters in general, and he even leads among women. He has struggled hugely with voters under age 35; he’s facing an enthusiasm gap; and he’s got far from the majority of support within the party. He still has a long way to go before he could be seen as the likely nominee.

Average poll standing: 29% (Rank: 1st)
August favorable/unfavorable average: 73% favorable/21% negative (+52) (Rank: 2nd)
Total raised: $22 million (6th)
Total spent: $11.1 million (5th)
Cash on hand: $10.9 million (5th)


Joseph Johnson

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