Geometric Puzzle Left with Nothing in the Box – Find the Correct Answer of this Puzzle with Clues


Geometric Puzzle Left with Nothing in the Box – If you love solving crossword puzzles in your leisure time, then an apt puzzle is trending these days. The name of the puzzle is Geometric Puzzle Left with nothing in the Box.

This is the most well-known puzzle at present where people are putting up their best efforts and brains to solve it.

It is an interesting crossword puzzle that you will like to find a solution for it. In this geometric puzzle, you have to find out an 8-letter word.

A crossword is a word brainteaser and word-finding game. It normally appears as a square or a rectangular network of white-and dark concealed squares.

The goal of the game will likely fill the white squares with letters, shaping words or expressions, by understanding pieces of information, which lead to the appropriate responses.

In dialects that are composed left-to-right, the appropriate response words and expressions are put in the matrix from left to right and start to finish. The colored squares are utilized to isolate words or expressions.

The answers for the geometric puzzle are given below. You may view it but first of all, try to solve the puzzle.

Answers for the Puzzle:                                                                               

Mazel Tov: Geometrical puzzle – left with not anything in the box? Congratulations! (5,3)       

Tangram: Chinese geometrical puzzle with 7 pieces intended set into different shapes (7)         

Floor Plan: Puzzle left in the toilet, the task of a draftsman

Ort: Puzzle to play with

Argue: Paddle in a river with the stick left out (5)          

Atomic Energy: It is the nuclear choice for any geometric brainteaser (6,6)      

Clue: What television detectives look for – stick left inside (4)   

Cartoons: There is nil in the boxes but drawings (8)              

Overlook: Abandon sees maiden may be left with zero, all right? (8)    

Unbeaten: With nil in the loss column   

Ordinary: A plain geometrical shape in heraldry (8)      

Ion: Particle that’s charged in with zero in the middle (3)        

Cartoon: In the drawing, there is not anything in the box (7) 

Willy Nilly: Certainly, the groom left with nil on in the middle of the royal yard (5-5)    

Topology: Play absorbing game good for geometrical study         

Roots: Goes bad with nil in the undergrowth (5)    

Sligo: Looking back, Giles dropped sweetheart with zero in the west of Ireland (5)    

Audio: German car with not anything in the sound department? (5) 

Found: Begin with zilch in the kitty (5)              

Heptagon: Geometrical shape

Triangle: Integral (anag) – geometrical form (8)

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