Lafazi Communication Ahmad Isah – Focus On Nigerian Community

Lafazi Communication Ahmad Isah

Lafazi Communication Ahmad Isah

Lafazi Communication Ahmad Isah –  We all know about human rights, every single person holds that to do so and have their own right.

Many of them take ownership where they can describe and put their thoughts over human right.

How many of you know or in touch with such people. There might be the case where you must be or even not.

There are different communities and so as with people differ. What all they had to speak and tell is you should take into notice.

Ahmad Isah is one of those who belong to the Nigerian community, he is the host of the Brekete Family.

He speaks about the human rights radio in Abuja on June 26, 2018.

He also put forth the main case to the government and explain each and everything. He promises to look after each aspect to the people.

There are many people who had their views and also thoughts that can be put forth. Now individuals have their thought and he is putting forth.

Further, he also stated that there is bad governance, bad leadership and this he says himself.

This is actually the reality in every state or country.

Nigerian justice ministry did not respond and he did not put forth ahead.

Who Is Brekete Family?

Lafazi Communication Ahmad Isah – Brekete Family is a radio program, as it might be the case that not everyone knows about it. The program focus on human rights and other thoughts

It is aired on cable and radio television and it is streamed on the social media platform.

The main aim of the program is to focus on protecting human rights and helping to offer justice to people.

The family was originally founded by Ahmad Isah and was first aired on FM Kiss Abuja in the year 2009.

It is known by Nigerian who help to seek justice.

All those who were the beneficiaries praised the show where they offered help to people.

There were different professional course who has made their attempt.

The program was conducted in Pidgin English, and it focuses on real-life issues. The event covers all the rights that is what you need to watch for.

Lafazi Communication Ahmad Isah

There are not many shows who covers human rights or discuss over and prefer to present themselves.

The family was able to solve the most complicated matters, this includes broken marriage warring societal, Nigerian citizen, federal state.
it is known for the social cases and this is what the program focuses on. Ahmad Isah.

The show has been watched by millions of people and was able to make it a huge show.

The show is aired every morning and it focuses on the Nigerian community and to allow them to focus on their rights.

There are different people and everyone has their own thoughts. So what can be done in that case?

There are communities made and hence they focus on different thoughts.

What is the vision behind the bracket family, since it is the non-profit organisation that helps to produce a live channel, dialogue and media.

It helps the Nigerian people and especially low-income population to demand compensation and focus on the right to live freely.

The organisation helps to seek the weekly program, on electricity and education.

It allows a citizen to seek to readdress.

The product focus on to reduce the corruption and yet this is what the main aim to make that happen.

It portrays free and better humanity for everyone.

Lafazi Communication Ahmad Isah Focus On Nigerian Community and they were made capable to solve many cases.

When there are communities therein they were made to able to solve. It is just a thought, you must be wondering.

Well, in that case, there are some of those who were capable to solve as well, and one of those is Brekete Family.

They were able to solve a lot many cases and hence they were people who made their attempts to give them a huge hit.

The show was popular and made a huge impact and hence millions of people watched over it.

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