Nilavanti Granth In Hindi PDF Download


Nilavanti Granth In Hindi PDF Download  – What is Nilavanti Granth and how can you as an individual read the Granth online in hind?

If you are continuously figuring out how this can be done then you have come to the right place.

Nilavanti Granth is one of those with some of the other unique thoughts and processes in it.

Not many of you must have been knowing what exactly the book is,  but those who often connect with the spiritual process must have an idea of what it is.

Lot many novels/book comes up but not all have the same choice.
Some people do like to read fictions books or other love story but some are confined to the granths as well.

They have lot many things and situations to define us like all other books. So as the case with Nilavanti Granth.

Auspicious Thoughts And Process

When it comes to reading the various novel, grants, books contain different thoughts and process. Now the question here arises is are they all true or some false statements has proceeded?

This can be to some extend true or also false, not all carry the same phenomenon. All you need is to think about what you are reading and how useful or impactful does it holds you.

This is all about how you take it relating to your lives like some people relate the story to themselves and to some not.

It is all dependant upon how you carry your lives and mind.

In continuation with this let us know what all Nilavanti Granth is all about?

What Is Nilavanti Granth Is All About?

Nilavanti Granth is a book which says has been portrayed that it has lot many false rumours. Now, what all rumours does it contain, as it is mentioned that people went crazy after reading the Nilavanti Granth.

There are lot many misconceptions that this book carries with itself, this is where we are here to let you know about it.

Whether it is true or not?

  • First misconception

The first and the foremost misconception that leads to people mind is that after reading the book people went mad or lead to death.

According to this book, people claimed that it has a vast knowledge of animals and birds and how to sacrifice something.

Also when it came out to happen like this government banned the printing of the book which came to the stop of its circulation among people.

There are many books that have been circulating based on science and other rumours, Now what makes Nilavanti Granth so special?

A great mathematician,  Bhaskaracharya, was the author of the book, but was that true?

But this was not the case. It is a book which is based on the concept of maths and hence named after Bhaskaracharya daughter Lilavati.

Swami Vivekananda did not die after reading the book.

  • Second misconception

The government did not ban the book

There is no proven record that after reading the book, it is making people die within 6 months.

Some famous personalities also took their time out to read the Granth.

Language Of Birds And Animals

As we have already mentioned that the book is all about containing the language of animals and birds.

They do not have a particular language and hence juggling with the words they speak.

It was in the year 1988 when an astrologer gave a lecture on a book named Anand Kulkarni and discussed the book.

There is a lot many hidden facts and meaning behind the book and you must read it to know.

How Can You Read Or Download Nilavanti Granth Online?

It is very easy to read Nilavanti Granth online or also downloading its chapters in pdf.

To download its pdf, you need to follow the steps mentioned over the platforms and hence you will be at ease.

The novel is based on superstitious facts and also some myths.

You need to read it out to know how far are they true and to what extent they are false.


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