Winter Solstice Great Conjunction In Hindi PDF Free Download


Winter Solstice Great Conjunction In Hindi PDF Free Download The great conjugation of Saturn and Jupiter took place on 21st December 2020. It will help people around the world to bring a celestial event to the sky.

The largest two planets will be seen as very close to each other. The great conjunction is what known to be as.

The condition has occurred over the years that the planet will look so close to each other.

The last time was on July 16 1623 that one people were able to see. It was around 400 years that they were so close and was around 800 years since the alignment between both.

It was said by NASA about the event after so much researches and theories.

Theory By Dr. James O’Donoghue

Winter Solstice Great Conjunction In Hindi PDF Free Download – One of the planetary astronomer named as Dr. James O’Donoghue stated that Saturn and Jupiter will be separated by 0.1 degrees.

The condition will be their closet and in the sky (1623). It was the great conjugation where a sun reached a point where it could be able to shine farthest to the south of the equator.

Watch The Conjunction In India

When it comes to watching the conjunction then was able to watch between 6:30 to 7:30 as per the Indian time.

The Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium has set the telescope around the campus to watch on Monday evening.

It was due to the coronavirus that has made people not to gather around, so there was certain restriction made and hence it was done through online registration.

Those who have done registration will be able to watch the conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter.

It will make sure that there is not gathering around and also people will be able to see the scene after so many years.

The solar system has gone over the years to make the conjunction with and the planet will appear to pass each other.

For those who want to capture the view then it is possible.

One can find where there is an unobstructed view of the sky since both the planet are dark and can be seen easily.

Most of the cities will be able to capture the scene. Jupiter will look brighter and Saturn on the other hand will be a bit light.

It is very easy to see both the planets with unaided eyes if you have a telescope or binoculars so you will be able to see plants with all ease.

Conjunction Is Known As The Christmas Star

Winter Solstice Great Conjunction In Hindi PDF Free Download – Since the planets are apart but on December 21 will be able to see close to each other. It is believed to take up the giant form like those of the Christmas stars and hence named the Christmas Star.

According to the book of Mathews, the star will be according to the bible that will lead to three wise men Jerusalem.

This is what the most amazing scenario is and that will appear after so many years.

Since the northern hemisphere so there has been a close and hence both planets have decided to put their way around the world.

The two planets will actually remain at a vast distance and that is approx. 450 million miles apart.

The overview would have been something different for people who have seen the view between two planets.

The researchers and the scientist have made their views on how and when the two planets can be seen.

It would be something different that could be seen over years and one should not miss the view.

Not many people could have been able to arrange the things so for them the telecast can be made over television as well.

There has been ease offered to people through telecasting and hence you can sit back your home and see the two conjunction. Winter Solstice Great Conjunction In Hindi PDF Free Download

Can be taken off through the web.

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