Baby Hope Crime Scene Photos – Anjelica Castillo Case


Baby Hope Crime Scene Photos – How baby hope crime scene photos came up all over?

If you want to know the fact then you can make use of the web as it has much information.

Incidents and murder can happen anytime and for so many reasons.

Baby Hope is one of the cases that has come over and with so many information and photos.

Who is Baby hope, not many know the original name her? So here you will get the deep inside stories of her.

What is the case, and to know what was the reasons behind it?

Who Was Baby Hope?

The original name covers Anjelica Castillo for the past 22 years she was known as the Baby hope.

She was the one 4-year-old girl from Mexican American she was from New York City.

Born in the year 1991 she was murdered, her case to be kept in suspense and could not able to find the case until 2013.

Not many cases get attention, but the one here got it.

The main reason it could be able to make the attention was the young girl who got murdered.

After many investigations made and then there was the name behind the case are Castillo’s paternal cousin, Conrado Juarez.

On the other hand, Juarez died in custody.

What he has to do with the case and how he came over.

There were mystery and mystery all around.

It became important for the investigators to make people aware of the incident and why it happened so.

There are many histories related to Castillo’s paternal cousin, Conrado Juarez.

Among their family member or the sibling, there was a drastic scene between them.

The main focus was to find the murderers, who made the mistake with baby hope.

Anjelica’s Family And Relation Story

Anjelica’s Mother name was Margarita, she was with her husband in Mexico.

She was unable to communicate with him in English and therein she could not make an attempt to convey her of missing.

Her entire family searched her but was not able to locate her.

On the other hand, the officers also made a question that her family never tried to make an attempt that they never file the attempt.

So that the investigation could have been made.

This was not what the acceptation from Anjelica’s family.

Anjelica’s Body Found On July 23, 1991

Baby Hope Crime Scene Photos – It was the time when after so many attempts and research when the body of the Anjelica’s was found.

It was decomposed and found in a cooler along with the Henry Hudson Parkway in New York City.

The body was in bad condition and hence it was difficult to recognise her.

When the team made the research there in it was found that baby hope it is.

She was raped and her body was entirely stuck with the rope around. Being placed in the fatal position along with her hand in front.

It was the big question that why someone has done it so and what was the reason.

A girl between three to five years old was brutally killed and also her body was found to be a devastating condition.

After her body was found the case remains unsolved. It was the fail attempt where the reasons were not found.

Officer offered the money so that her body could be buried and her soul can be in peace.

A casket was also provided and around two hundred people attended her funeral.

Sooner and later when there was one of the witnesses found he told that the man carried away a cooler and other equipment’s where her body was carried away.

A girl was murdered, her body was also taken to get the DNA information so that any clue can be found.

A turn came after two years when one person heard that the missing of the girl was planned.

There were many people who were found to be in touch with the case.

When the body found, officers had laid hands every one of the girl involved too.

It could be her family, friends and other relatives.

After years Juarez was found guilty, as he confessed his attempt on the small girl. On the other hand, Genaro Ramirez was not been located, he did not know what has happened with the girl he laid to him.

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