Feather Tattoo Designs For Wrist – Trends Among Individuals


What are the different types of Feather Tattoo Designs For Wrist? With the increasing craze of the tattoo around the world, you can have a lot many designs.

The trend is not among men, but to those of women’s as well. getting yourself inked has been trending all over.

If you are wondering what design should you go with then Feather Tattoo Designs For Wrist are among popularity.

Feather tattoo is in trends when it comes to the selection of designs.

Feather is associated with freedom, courage, strength and wisdom.

There are many variations and can be selected according to one choice. Since the trend of feather tattoo is in demand as they are small, unique and can be inked anywhere.

People are present are often associated with many tattoos in their body, since not all go for many of them.

If you have been figuring out or juggling with the design then feather tattoo has many of those.

You can particularly have them on the wrist, hands, legs, neck or any body part.

Since you will be inked so the design should be in such an area where it is visible.

Beautifully created designs are meant to be flaunted and hence you can show off it.

why Feather Tattoo Designs are popular?

Feather tattoo symbolizes the culture and also come up to the connection of purity and divinity. Also, it is a symbol to birds and therein you could relate it to your freedom as well.

If you will do research then it is becoming popular among women these days.

Most of them are getting inked different designs of a feather tattoo and hence they are also looking perfect.

One thing you should keep in mind when you are going to have inked then make sure to find a suitable artist.

Or we can say you need to go with the experienced one.

They will make you understand how and what design you can be inked.

They will guide you on certain aspects and hence this can be fruitful to you.

Different Types Of Feather Tattoo

Peacock feather style

One of the most exciting design, as everyone loves to like a peacock. You can get it inked with the symbol of beauty, pride and luxury.

Eagle design

Eagle is known as the majestic bird, it is the popular choice among women these days. You can go with the feather and inked with the eagle of your choice.

Phoenix feather tattoo

It is a most liked design that helps to symbolize birth, death and rebirth.

Turkey feather tattoo

The idea of honour, wisdom and power, Turkey feather tattoo holds special meaning to you. This will help you to make your way to be filled with positive vibes.

Hawk feather tattoo

If you want to remind of yourself the inner strength then the Hawk feather tattoo is one of the popularly known these days.

With this, you will be able to take you up towards positivity and strengths. Every tattoo has a meaning and so with the feather design.

Owl type

The type of design is connected with wisdom and knowledge and also a very popular design among native American’s.

You can get inked by choosing the design of any old owl along with the feather.

Indian feather tattoo

It holds an important symbol among Native American people. It symbolizes strength, power and protection.

Feather with bird

It will help you to layout the most powerful idea, you can ink the feather with the bird’s design.

Some of the other time you must have wished like a bird to fly. Perhaps you can make them into your wrist and experience like them.

Small feather design

The small feather design looks great when it is on your wrist, the small feather will symbolise the sign of freedom.

With this, you can get the sign of freedom, strength and positivity in your life.


It represents timelessness and also towards something that lasts forever, it is the symbol that most people love.

You can get it inked along with the feather design and trust us it is going viral all over.

Two images can be combined together and hence its outcome is marvellous you will come to know.

Likewise, you have many of those where you can put your hands over. Depending upon the size you want it can be inked.

Also, you can ask or take an idea about the design from the tattoo artists.


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