How Much Money Ronaldo Donate In A Year – Contribution Towards Development


How much money Ronaldo donate in a year? We all know about one of the famous athletes Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo was born on  5 February 1985 and is one of the famous Portuguese footballers.

He is the greatest player known worldwide, it is his skills that attract people and make him win the game.

He has been found to won many awards, trophies and championship. If we could sit and collect all of them then we could leave with no space.

He was born in Madeira and began his career in the club while learning soccer. His love for sport made him to be champion.

He holds the dedication towards his sport and this is what made him a great player.

Cristiano Ronaldo And His Charities

How Much Money Ronaldo Donate In A Year – His career rises up through his playing and winning techniques, besides this, he is also involved in charity for a quite long time.

We have been in touch with many of those celebrities and other player charity but as compared to Cristiano Ronaldo is no one.

He has been found to charity throughout his career and this is making him be loved by people even more.

He has made an attempt towards UNICEF in supporting children’s need by donating amount time to time.

Whatever he won he has done more than the share towards the charity, this is so not believing.

But on the other hand, it is.

His first donation came out to be in the year 2011 towards the European Golden boot and that was for £1.2m.

The total money obtained through that was to go for the school in Gaza.

He bagged the one and spend his income on the school.

Next was in December when there was an auction of the signed t-shirt that came out to be sold for about €37,000.

This money was going to save children’s in 2012.

With this, he is a brand ambassador of UNICEF and World Vision, and it was seen in the year 2014 when he contributed his earned money trio of charities.

He could win money through his championships and half of them he donates.

This has made him be the saviour for many of the children’s and organisations.

In 2015 he was named as the sportsperson to donate the huge amount that no one does.

Sooner and later he was recognised as a charity person and also the most remarkable one.

He did not stop his charity and was into the continuous race. Later in 2016, he won the Champions League final.

From this championship, he donated around €600,000 to some of the good causes.

Spending Millions To The Needful And Saviour For Children’s

How Much Money Ronaldo Donate In A Year – Cristiano Ronaldo has earned millions and it is through his championships. He is known as a world-famous football player.

He has managed to gain millions of fans and this is through his playing techniques.

He has earned millions of pound and he later thought to make his contribution towards society.

This has made him make his name and also to save the lives of many.

Known as the brand ambassador of UNICEF, he has saved the lives of millions of needful children’s and people all over.

If we go with the current scenario of coronavirus he has been found to make his contribution towards the same.

When there was research made then it was found that he has teamed up and donated millions to one of the hospitals in Portugal.

He could save the lives of many people fighting with coronavirus.

Through his contribution, he has made people live with proper survival techniques. There are many people who think to donate and even they do.

A small contribution of you can save anyone’s life.

This also makes us get many wishes in return and this is what Cristiano Ronaldo has managed to do so.

To sum up all his donations this has no exact numbers.

He has found millions of contributions and to various organisation and places. This has made his name to be in every headline.


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