Trump administration to reverse methane standards


The Trump administration is expected to announce today that it will cut regulations on the powerful greenhouse gas methane to an extent.

The proposed plan would abolish Obama-era requirements for the industry to install technologies that monitor and limit leaks from new wells, tanks and pipeline networks and to more frequently inspect for leaks.

It would also anticipate legal requirements that would have forced the EPA to set rules on emissions from thousands of pre-existing wells and industry sites.

Some companies have asked for the rollback, while others, including Exxon Mobil Corp. and Royal Dutch Shell PLC, have warned the Trump administration that a lack of government-backed minimum requirements to limit emissions could erode the argument that natural gas is a cleaner fuel. They also say legal complications could lead to years of uncertainty before deregulation would lower costs.


Joseph Johnson

They say not everyone has the gift of gab to be able to talk about politics in the correct light - but Joseph is the perfect mix between a healthy critic, and a realist cynic. His unique personality works wonders at political discussions which are bound to cause a stir. He is an intellectual with many years of experience in the field, and his work is a reflection of his dedication to making political scenarios common knowledge among the citizens of the nation.

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