What Happens When You Compress a PDF File?

Compress pdf

PDF compression is the act of reduction of the size of a pdf file or image. The pdf compression is an important factor regarding the seo of a website as large pdf files can seriously affect the loading speed of the site.

The compressed pdf or reduction of pdf file is often made when you have to upload the file on the web, upload it, print it, or attach it to emails. PDF files can be very bulky, and this is why pdf compression has become an important thing today. 

In this traction, we are going to tell you about pdf compression and the top-notch tools that can help you in compressing pdf documents.

Importance of compressing PDF files

As we have mentioned earlier, the compression of pdf files has become an important part of pdf manipulation. Here we have stated a few reasons why you need to compress pdf. Reading these reasons would also help you understand the importance of pdf reduction.

  • It is important to compress pdf files if you are going low on storage space. PDF files can occupy a lot of your storage space; thus, it is important to compress them to make some space. 
  • If you upload and publish a large size pdf file or image on your website or page, then it is going to affect the seo score of your site seriously. Large pdf files as we have mentioned earlier can lower the loading speed of your site. Today users on the internet would not stay on a website that takes more than three seconds to load. So, you must reduce the pdf file size by using the pdf compression technique.
  • Uploading large pdf files is not easy. One should know that you cannot upload large pdf files on sites, forms, emails and in other places. If you have to provide important information or transfer it, then you have to use the modern compressor tools to reduce the size of the file!

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How does pdf compression affect the file?

An important query asked by many users is whether the pdf files are affected in the compression process. If yes, then what effects would you see on the pdf file.

This is a remarkably interesting question that one should get an accurate answer for. The reduction of the file size of pdf directly affects the quality of the file, and there is no doubt about it.

But at the same time, you must know that there are many pdf compressor online tools that can help you in reducing the file size of pdf by keeping intact their quality. 

You must use the top-notch pdf compressor tools that can provide your reliable services rather than hooking up with the tools that can ruin the quality and the format of the original file.

There are more than hundreds of pdf manipulation tools on the internet, but not all of them can promise you reliable services. Lucky for you, we have made our research on a variety of tools and have shortlisted the top ones for you. 

PDF compression tools!

You can use these tools to compress pdf files to your desired size.

PDF Compressor by SmallSEOTools 

The pdf compressor by Small Seo Tools is among the best free online tool offered by the utility site. This pdf compressor tool is incredibly famous, and this is not only because it is free but also it focuses on the quality of the file while compressing it.

This pdf file reducer s is easy to use, and you do not need any experience to use this tool.

 Upload the large pdf files in the pdf compressor. After inserting the files, you have to click on the button that says, ‘Compress PDF’. This online tool would compress the pdf file in less than a few seconds.

You can grab pdf files not only from your local storage but also from Google drive and dropbox.

PDF compressor by Duplichecker

The PDF compress tool by Dupli is another free utility that can help you compress the pdf files by keeping intact the quality of the file. The tool uses very advanced algorithms that can help you in maintaining the quality of the document.

The compress pdf tool by duplichecker is also very easy to use, and the working procedure of this tool is also similar to the previous one.

You have to insert the large files and click on the ‘compress’ button. You can make unlimited conversions with this tool, and this is the reason it is famous for the bulk conversion of files. 

An important feature of the tool is that it provides you with two compression options. You have to select whether you want to go with normal compression or an intense one. The later one would slightly affect the quality of the file!


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