Rickie Rush Net Worth – A Senior Pastor And Internationally Acclaimed Speaker

Rickie Rush Net Worth

Rickie Rush Net Worth

Rickie Rush Net Worth – A pastor is a person who serves to be the leader of a Christian who counsels a person from the community, or we can say is the patron is an ordained priest.

Being into the pastor who is currently working as the senior pastor in one of the Inspiring Body of Christ church.

Apart from this, he is also involved in teacher, speaker, and master illustrator.

He is living in America and serves to be a speaker and pastor, being a completion in doctor degree of divinity.

When there was a time he was involved in teaching he was among as one of the best teachers and also his students love the way he teaches and guides.

He also holds a wide experience in the field of teaching and holds expertise. There are multiple options and hobbies that an individual chooses and so as with Rickie Rush.

He has taken a step towards a lot of activities that he likes to invest time in. apart from that he also loves music and attached themselves to be a part of music organization.

He is one of the founders of the University of Dreams.

Personal Life And Family

Rickie Rush as a patron who was born on March 9, 1960, in Texas. Being the loving child he was raised by his mother named rose.

At the age of 10, he witnessed that his mother was murdered by one of the teenagers who came to their came for the purpose to rob their house.

Her mother died due to some of the accidents that had happened while he came to rob the house.

Since his mother dies, he also left his father, stepmother, and cousin.

After all the incidence and cases that happened, he late married to a woman named Beverly Jackson- Rush on 20th September 1986.

Rickie Rush has one daughter, after getting the degree for secondary teaching, he then proceeded further to the Rialto Bible College, where he got the title of Doctor of Divinity. As if for now he is living in Texas.

Net Worth Holding

After receiving the degree of teaching he taught students for seven years at the school name Skyline High School in Dallas.

He was serving as one of the senior patrons while founding the Inspiring Body Of Christ Church in 1990.

Rickie has also managed to write two books named The Pendulum Come out Swinging through difficult times and May I have your order, please?

He has managed to gain a lot while serving the roles of teaching and patron, as he has made him versatile to be in life and life happily.

He has also written several plays since he holds a great interest in other additional activities.

He has also received several awards that include the state of Texas house of representatives, the other is an outstanding Texan Award.

One of the research centers at the All Nations University in Ghana is also named after his name.

Rickie has made a huge contribution to make understand people how they can live their lives while in peace.

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