Ram Rajya Book By Ashutosh Rana PDF Download- Actor Revealed His Thought On Upcoming Project

Ram Rajya Book By Ashutosh Rana PDF Download

Ram Rajya Book By Ashutosh Rana PDF Download – There are many religious books that have been published and going through them gives positive energy and get a lesion.

On such facts have you ever been thought that even your favorite actors can make publish of the book? Yes, it is the fact that Ashutosh Rana is all set to introduce his new book called Ram Rajya that is being based on Ramayana.

The book is all set to come out for the public on the occasion of Ram Navami. Besides this, he has also shared the cover page to the people over social media.

What can be the best platform to make your achievements than a social media platform as it holds a great reach to make things viral around millions of people?

The actor made an important announcement to launch his book, what can be a better occasion than Ram Navami to release the book that is solely a part of Ramayana.

Actor Shared His Thoughts Over Ram Rajya

The actor shares his thoughts about the new launch that there could be no other day than Mahashivratri to get this book launch, as it serves to the most auspicious day that I have chosen to make this happen.

The book holds the power and ethnicity to allow people to build and develop strong so there are people who need to take upon the challenge to read.

Further, he also stated that there is a bond between god and the Shiva. He concluded that Ram Rajya contains a story and the intensity where people treat each other with love and respect.

It is the time where people do not fall into such and they only have to make their opinions and choices.

They are concerned with themselves and this is what the actor has tried to remind the people through his book.

In earlier decades there were love, respect among people and so as with missing up these days.

Ram Rajya is the second edition in the Rana life, in short, it is the second book that he has written after Maun Muskaan Ki Maar.

He has been found to share various posts on mythological characters. He is also involved in poems and make sure that he does it regularly over social media.

Belonging to the film industry the actor turned to be something different and this is what Ram Rajya is all about.

He is also set up to new films and ventures, he and his wife Renuka are all set to make differences.

In the year  1998 the film called Dushman that has been a huge hit of Ashutosh Rana and there he got picked up, he talent was appreciated and rolled over.

He with his book said that “Ram ke baare mein sabne padha hai Ramayana mein. Ram hamare charitra mein hai aur chintan mein bhi,” added the actor.

Further he said that it is also on some different concept that has been written by me, and also said that “Main badlaav mein nahi badhaav mein vishwas rakhta hoon.”

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