The Login – Heritage Of Group Of Italian Brands

The Login

The Login

The Login – The heritage hub that features different variety or multifunctional spaces that are home to FCA heritage.

The world Heritage holds two meanings that are valuable assets and legacy.

It was stated that the original building was built in the 1960s and provide the car services and also that allows you to request the certificate of the origin of your car.

The heritage hub contains all the services like that that have been included by FCA and also the staff offices.

It is 15,000 m square and also that contains an exhibition including the story of the Mirafiori complex also over 250 vehicles that have been produced by the Fiat, Lancia, and Abarth brands, it was put forth in exhibition but later on diminish and never seen in any of the show again. The Login

The 64 cars were included known as the theme “transversal” containing eight models with different brands and periods.

Small and safe:

houses a choice of models that consolidated most extreme wellbeing with least measurements.

Style marks: shows a progression of “achievements” that left their visual blemish on the historical backdrop of motorcar structure.

Epic excursions:

commends vehicles that made celebrated and remarkable street ventures.

The assembly time:

saved for models that have composed wonderful pages in the chronicles of the universe of rallies.

Eco and reasonable:

a gathering of the most creative vehicles as far as affectability to ecological issues.


eight specialized works of art that presented huge advancements in motorcar design, regarding usefulness and production.

Concepts and “fuoriserie”:

uncommon arrangement and ultra-uncommon models, someone of a kind unique cases, some idealistic dreams.

Records and races:

the amazing dashing vehicles with the loftiest victories, record-breakers, and saints.

The Login is a multi-functional space designed to preserve the heritage of FCA group Italian.

It holds a traffic rank of 121,537.

The login procedure holds almost the same step as that of other websites.

To avail the services and another benefit you need to go to the respective website and make yourself registered and so as the case with The

You need to enter your details like that of a full name and email address so that your genuine account can be made.

The department was opened with a certain aim that involves the protection of Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia, and Abarth.

The company believes by taking care of the car model in its own group.

Policy and aims that we hold

We are culture, appreciation, and adventure

We are design and technology

We are hands dirty with grease

We are bodyshells, spanners and laid paper

We are the track, the museum, and the workshop

We are at ease on wet asphalt and in elegant exhibitions

We are in color and in black and white

We are at home in Turin and in all homes,

around the world, where people breathe the same passion.

So The Login holds a lot of events and exhibition to present the service that you can look and hence explore more about us.

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