Match the Highlighted Words in the Text with the Images: Interesting Brainteaser with the Right Answers

Match the Highlighted Words in the Text with the Images – A new brainteaser is getting fame these days. The name of this puzzle is matching the highlighted words in the text with the images.

Many people using social media are getting interested in this puzzle. This puzzle is so amazing and grasping that people get involved in solving it.

If you love solving brainteasers, then is one is apt for you. You just have to visit Google and type the name of this puzzle.

When the puzzle link appears before you, simply open it and take up this challenge. It is one of the best brainteasers that is trending over the web at present times.

Though many other puzzles are coming up these days to keep the people motivated and busy during this pandemic time, this matching the highlighted words in the text with the images brainteaser is the best one.

If a puzzle is too easy, then the solvers lost interest.

But this puzzle is neither too easy not too tough. So, You will love cracking this puzzle where you will find 8 images with words.

Those users who are searching the latest puzzles over the internet can take up this challenge.

You will feel engaged while finding the right answers for this puzzle.

As various individuals are not able to find the correct answers for this brainteaser, we have provided the right solution right below.

But as we know that just looking at the answers spoil the puzzle-solving eagerness, so it is suggested for you to try to discover the answers by yourself at first.

If you have a lot of leisure time, simply start solving this puzzle. It is a promise that you will make the best use of your time.

You will not get bored at all by trying to understand this brainteaser to search for an accurate solution.

This puzzle is created so amazingly that it keeps the puzzle solvers connected. In this brainteaser, you will get 8 images with words that are highlighted.

Thus, you need to match the images with the correct terms. This puzzle is not much difficult. So, you must give an attempt before seeking the right solution.

The Correct Solution:

The first: Greenhouse gas

The second: Seabirds

The third: Growth of the Himalaya

The fourth: Temperature increase

The fifth: Glaciers

The sixth: Crops

The seventh: Earthquakes

The eighth: Floods

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