Mike and Lori James Tampa Bay

Mike and Lori James Tampa Bay

Mike and Lori James Tampa Bay – Two firms possessed and organized by the top official at Health Insurance Innovations Inc. have sold a portion of their property in the Tampa-based insurance company.

The worth from the deal is about $20.9 million.

The dealers, Health Plan Intermediaries LLC and Health Plan Intermediaries Sub LLC are both run and managed by Michael Kosloske, administrator, president, and CEO of Health Insurance Innovations.

A documenting with the U.S. Protections and Exchange Commission said that these two businesses sold about 1.725 million portions of normal stock, at an open contribution cost of $12.15 an offer or $11.5425 an offer after endorsing limits.

Raymond James and Associates Inc. was the financier on the contract, which shut today.

Health Insurance Innovations is a Tampa firm that produces and manages cloud-based individual health care coverage plans and additional items. The stock was exchanging at $12.42 an offer at 3 pm Wednesday. It was up 3 percent from Tuesday’s close.

A Tampa family’s pool jumped out of the ground after they employed an unlicensed temporary worker to accomplish repair work.

After the property holder made a call for an activity to Consumer Reporter Jackie Callaway, the issue is being examined by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

As indicated by Florida law, just authorized contractual workers can make significant pool repairs. That incorporates emptying the entirety of the water of a pool.

Yet, property holder Chad Peasley said he discovered only after he employed an unlicensed pool repairman, James Feliciano, to empty and paint his pool.

“It is a bad dream truly,” said Peasley. He said his pool jumped out of the ground a day after the vast majority of the water was depleted from his pool. Peasley said he called Feliciano on December 31, the day it occurred.

Weeks after the fact, the profound end sits 3 feet over the ground and the majority of the deck is broken or smashed.

In the wake of hearing the Peasley’s story, Consumer Reporter Jackie Callaway reached the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. They took up the issue as an instance of unlicensed contracting.

Pool master Gary Crayton of Pool Troopers and individual from the Florida Swimming Pool Association said he knows what made Peasley’s pool jump out of the ground.

Crayton said that we need to ensure we open up the pool to the groundwater and permit that to come in.

Crayton said a basic pool channel has two plugs. One that is utilized to haul water out of the pool and another on the base that goes into the ground. In case the base fitting isn’t opened up, at that point the groundwater pressure can constrain the pool to spring up.

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